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Brian Othmer

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Current Projects:

Homecoming for Veterans - A National Outreach Program to Provide Free Neurofeedback Training to Veterans for the Rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

About the Foundation:
The Life of Brian Othmer is the continuing inspiration for our work at the EEG Institute. His seizures and uncontrolled behavioral outbursts forced us, as parents, to appreciate the broad range of neurologically-driven behaviors. Yet Brian also exhibited a tremendous determination to help himself as best he could, and to understand himself and his brain. His own challenges caused him to confront basic issues of his identity, the relationship of brain and mind, of self and personality, even of life and death, issues that are not normally the concern of an adolescent. His life and path toward recovery are testimony to the fact that neurofeedback touches us across the entire hierarchy of healing, from basic neurological deficits through issues of emotional regulation, all the way to optimal functioning, and ultimately to the spiritual dimension of our human existence.

Siegfried Othmer, PhD, Chief Scientist
Susan Othmer, Clinical Director

ADD The 20 Hour Solution
by Mark Steinberg, Ph.D. and Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.



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